Bishop Way attended the Washington, DC public schools, graduating from McKinley High School.  It was in High School when the Lord began to use him as a leader. In October of 1970, Mitchell led a group of Christian young people to convince the administration to start the first gospel high school choir in Washington, DC. With the consent of his principals the first rehearsal was set and under the direction of Mitchell Alan Way a senior The McKinley High School Choir was birthed.  Many soul were saved because of his leadership  and the choir remains today.

After high school he joined the work force as an apprentice electrician for Kolb Electric Inc., for 13 years. After becoming a Master Electrician he was licensed in DC, MD and VA., He was allowed to use his father’s electric company’s name and started the new Sun-Lite Electric Company Inc., which he and his wife Nancy have operated now as CEO’s for more than twenty five years.

After the start of Sun-Lite Electric Company Inc., his skills were blessed by the Lord and the company grew from one truck working out of his home to became a company requiring fifteen trucks 20 men and three shops, Washington, DC – Forestville, MD and Charles County Maryland.  The company also became a construction company.  

In 1984 Mitchell took a leave from his company for 15 months to work side by side with his father in the building of the Faith Assembly of Christ Church and sanctuary in Washington DC. 

His youngest brother Jeffery Ivan Way was the architect. God used them both to do a mighty work for their father.

In 1989 Rhema Christian Center needed a builder that could build quickly.  Bishop C. Givens called Sun-Lite Corp. and Mitchell Way to do the job. The Lord performed a work, from ground breaking to completion. In 90 days a new 2000 seat sanctuary and day care school was created at a cost of 1.5 million dollars. It is now called “Rhema Christian Center Church”.  Two years later he was called in again to build the Rhema School for 1.8 million dollars. Again “Mitch” as Bishop Way isknown called on his brother Jeff to be the architect and draw and again, he and Jeff became a great team for the Lord's use.

Now the Lord is using all of his training in construction and business leadership from high school to do a work for the Lord, Faith Assembly of Christ Church.  His love for God and people causes him to plant as the Lord leads. Where ever the Lord sends him to plant a church he will do it.

His Ministry
Bishop Way has been a pastor for fifteen years, and prior to becoming a pastor, served as a deacon for ten years and the minister of music for twenty four years at his late father’s church, Faith Assembly of Christ, DC.  He served as a minister in the Faith Assembly of Christ Church before founding the Faith Assembly of Christ, Maryland church where he was ordained an Elder in July of 1995 by the late Bishop Alfonso Way.

Faith Assembly of Christ in Maryland was birthed March 12, 1993.  The organizational meeting took place in the home of Minister Mitchell A. Way.  There were seven people present.  During this meeting, God spoke and this part of Zion began. 

Faith Assembly of Christ is a teaching and preaching church with no other doctrine except that of the Lord Jesus Christ; The Apostles' Doctrine.

Pastor Way has steadfastly kept that vision of perfecting saints to carry out the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

Faith Assembly of Christ goes out into various communities of this city, Washington, DC, Maryland, Deerfield Beach, FL and Tarboro, NC.
In the fifteen years of Elder Way’s pastoral ministry as founder and builder at Faith Assembly, the Lord called him to the Holy Office of Bishop in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mandate of Election
Mitchell Alan Way was baptized at age 16 at Bible Way Church under the pastorate of Bishop Smallwood E. Williams and has been a Bible student and teacher since age 20.

He has been a pastor for over fifteen years and prior to becoming a pastor, served as a deacon for ten years, Sunday School Teacher for 20 years, Minister of Music for 24 years and a Minister of the Word for two years at the Faith Assembly of Christ, Washington DC.  Pastor Way was called by God and licensed at Faith Assembly of Christ, Washington DC under Bishop Alfonso Way.

Upon the inception of Faith Assembly of Christ, Maryland, Mitchell Alan Way, founder and builder, was called by the Holy Ghost to pastor a flock in his home and perfect them for the work of the ministry.

Mitchell Alan Way has steadfastly kept that vision of perfecting saints to carry out the Great Commission of spreading the gospel throughout the world.
This vision has manifested itself by several churches being birthed in Tarboro, NC and Deerfield Beach, FL and ledby trained at Faith Assembly of Christ. 
This vision also included the establishing of a convent house for men.

Faith Assembly of Christ goes out in various communities of this city to witness to the lost.

Elder Way has encouraged and assisted other pastors whenever called upon to do so.  His leadership and response to the Holy Ghost fully qualifies him for the office of Bishop.

The congregation of Faith Assembly of Christ proposed that Elder Mitchell Alan Way’s consecration as Bishop take place in October 2009. 

"A man on fire preaching that the Kingdom of God is at hand.... 
Jesus is coming soon"
Bishop Mitchell A. Way

His Family
As a child, Mitchell Alan Way was brought up in a Christian home and blessed, because of his parents, the late Bishop Alfonso Way and his living mother Helen C. Way.  They were role models to him.  At the age of sixteen, he confessed Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in the name of Jesus and filled with the Gift of the Holy Ghost at the Bible Way Temple Church under the late Bishop Smallwood E. Williams.

Mitchell Alan Way, pastor, founder and builder of Faith Assembly of Christ in Capitol Heights, Maryland, has been blessed with a wife, Nancy L. Cox, two daughters, Michelle C. Braggs and Lauren R. Jones.  He has two grandchildren Taylor and Morgan.