Bishop Robert W. McMurray
A Wild Ass on the Loose was recorded live at the Bible Way Church in Washington, DC on a Monday night.  More than 1500 people were present at this recording.  There were people coming to the Altar to be baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost and many backsliders were reclaimed.  Bishop McMurray is known for his uniqueness in taking the current events and titles of songs of the world and applying the Word of God to break down the barriers of sin.  One of the astounding factors of this uniqueness is that Bishop McMurray finds in God’s Word the scripture for the basis of his sermon.  God has said in his Word that “there is no new thing under the sun”….

This Sermon is presented in a 2-Record Set.  When the text of this Album is announced, you can see the strange looks on the faces of the audience, but Bishop McMurray stands boldly on God’s Words and tells the people, “In Hosea 8:9, it says…  for they are gone up to Assyria, A Wild ass Alone by Himself.  I told you it was in there and if God called Israel a Wild Ass when the backed away from Him, then I am not afraid to preach it…:

You will hear it as it was delivered live and uncut at the Bible Way Church in Washington, DC.

Faith Assembly of Christ