I understand that my leadership role in the ministry is important for the growth of God's kingdom

  • I understand that God has called me to assume this leadership role, and I am totally dependent on Him for guidance, direction, sensitivity, and spiritual discernment. Therefore, a committed prayer life is a necessity.

  • I understand that God has risen up a generation of men He wants to use in creative and mighty ways to reach others for Christ.

Recognizing my total dependence on God, I will seek to do the following:

  • I will be a man of integrity by maintaining a close walk with Jesus Christ and by demonstrating Christ like character in my words and actions.

  • I will be a partner with our pastor and the other members of our Men's Ministry in developing and implementing activities and meeting for our Men's Ministry.

  • I will support and regularly pray for our pastor, our church and our Men's Ministry. I will also lead men to do the same.

  • Acknowledging that Men's Ministry is a valuable outreach and discipling tool of the local church, I will do whatever it takes to reach men wherever they are through a balanced focus on evangelizing men to salvation and church membership, establishing men to spiritual maturity, equipping men for ministry and extending men on mission.

  • I will seek God's direction in identifying men in our church who need to lead specific Men's Ministry activities.

  • I will ensure that each man's activity has a written spiritual goal that will be evaluated later. This goal will be shared frequently with all men.

  • I will participate in regular gatherings of men to celebrate and share what God has done in and through our Men's Ministry.

  • I will cooperate with denominational Men's Ministry leaders in joint efforts to reach and minister to men in the name of Christ.

  • I will promote biblical unity in the body of Christ.

A Covenant of Expectations for Men's Ministry