Faith Assembly of Christ School of Ministry

The FAC School of Ministry (FACSM) is an  institution that currently offers Certificates of Theology to persons interested in perfecting the ministry gifts. Students are prepared for ministry in the Body of Christ and service to the world.

We unapologetically and unequivocally proclaim the Holiness-Pentecostal call for holy living and for the exercise and impartation of Spiritual Gifts to the Body of Christ.

FACSM serves persons of all races, ethnic groups, economic classes, and denominational backgrounds, although the largest segment of our student body are members of the Faith Assembly of Christ Church.


The mission of the FAC School of Ministry is to foster Spiritual Renewal in the world and to equip men and women for ministry and service in church and society. All courses and programs are designed demonstrate the relationship between genuine spirituality and rigorous intellectual pursuit.


The following goals and objectives are the guiding principles of the School of Ministry:

  • Encouraging all persons to develop authentic spiritual lives, anchored on a close relationship with Jesus Christ, walking in the Spirit, the study of the Word of God. 

  • Promoting an intellectual and spiritual curiosity among students, faculty and staff. 

  • Creating meaningful opportunities for students to do Christian service in local churches, communities, and para-church agencies. 

  • Preparing male and female credential holders for ordination and licensing examinations within jurisdictions and local congregations. 

  • Providing general studies and programs to equip students for further studies in other undergraduate programs. 

  • Assisting the Presiding Bishop, General Board, General Council in creating holistic, accredited and unaccredited programs for the training of future leaders in FACWW. 

  • Promoting the publication of books, leadership training curricular, and other such material for jurisdictions and local congregations.

  • Forging an overall communal environment that is conducive for the social and cultural development of all students.

  • Working in conjunction with the Foreign Missions Department in providing training material for new home and foreign mission workers.

  • Developing  a standardized ordination and licensure curriculum for the National Church.

  • Providing substantive credit and non-credit courses on the history, polity and theology of the Apostolic Church.

  • Promoting computer/technology-assisted distance learning and correspondence programs for persons around the nation. 


Theological Education: centers on courses that are designed to give students a broad introduction to primary areas of study that are requisite for the professional ministry. Courses cover: Bible, the History of Christianity, Theology, Ethics, Homiletics & Worship, Pastoral Care, and Christian Education.

General Studies: courses that introduce students to the liberal arts and humanities, such as, language & literature, Western Civilization, history, philosophy sociology, art & music appreciation, anthropology, religious studies, political science, etc. These courses will offer upper and lower-level introductions to the individual disciplines. The general studies courses will provide students with the foundation that is essential to all future academic work, whether in a secular or religious institution. It also prepares students for professional vocations. Moreover, the general studies curriculum will ensure that our students will be able to UNDERSTAND AND COMMUNICATE with other people, even as they seek to minister to them. General studies is central to any serious higher education program.

Practical/Skill Instruction: courses in practical, hands on, supervised learning, i.e. field education. These courses are skills-oriented, and seek to put students directly in the work context so that they may do ministry up-close, either in a church or a Para-church setting. These courses will prepare students for work after they have graduated.

Holiness-Pentecostal Studies: a core of courses that examine the history, theology, and values of the Holiness-Pentecostal tradition, of which the FAC is a product. The aim is to demonstrate the distinctiveness of the Holiness-Pentecostal tradition and to show the continuities and discontinuities between the traditions.

                     Current Courses                

Old Testament I  Evangelism        Basis Grammar
Old Testament II      Church History   Written Composition
New TestamentHomiletics         Western Civilization I
Introduction to Theology   Hermeneutics            Western Civilization II
Life in The Spirit              Study Skills               Pedagogy
Theology of the Holy Spirit       Advanced Theology    Foundations of Education
FAC Polity              Christology                Field Education
Old Testament History     Theology of PreachingMusic Appreciation
Old Testament Prophets  Psalms      Christian Education
Synoptic Gospels    Pauline Epistles         Pastoral Care

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