Men's Ministry
Mission Statement

To help men discover how they have been uniquely called and shaped by God to live the Great Commandment and to fulfill the Great Commission in every aspect of their lives: personal, home, church, workplace, community and world.

Our Aim
To shape and mold character through training, correction, and reproof of men.

Our Purpose
That man may know wisdom, instruction, understanding and words of insight.

That prudence may be given to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the Men Department.

Our Duty
To uphold all of the rules and regulations of the Men Department.
Article I
The purpose of the Men's Ministry is to lift the standards of our men and to instill in them higher ideals of life.

Article II
The membership in the Men's Ministry is limited to those young men who have a desire to be better young men. Ages 18 and up...

Article III
To qualify for membership one must be a member and a loyal supporter of Faith Assembly of Christ and must always conduct himself in a gentleman like manner.

Article IV
The Men's Ministry should be composed of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, chaplain, counselor, teacher, program committee and sick committee. Each meeting should open with prayer and scripture reading. We should make it a must to discuss only Godly or Christian topics or topics pertaining Christ like character at those meetings.

Article V
Each member gives a general offering; this is so that the Men's Ministry can play its part locally.

Article VI
All meetings do not necessarily have to be held in a church, as some of the work of the Men's Ministry is to make better homes and better family relationships.

Faith Assembly of Christ - Bishop Mitchell A. Way, Pastor
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