Women's Workshop
Each week Women’s Workshop helps women discover Biblical principles through innovative Bible study with drama, panel discussions and relevant teaching from a woman’s perspective. We invite women to come experience the joy of spiritual growth in Christ as well as growing in relationship with other Faith Assembly of Christ women.

Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out is a monthly gathering open to all women. Join us for a night filled with fun, laughter, food and opportunities to connect with other Faith Assembly women. Bring a friend and introduce them to an exciting night with the Faith Assembly Women’s Ministry. 

Small Groups
Small Groups provide women an opportunity to get together with other women for support and encouragement. Groups meet for coffee, for lunch, for Bible study and prayer or just for fun. The format of each individual group is as different as the women themselves. Groups are organized geographically, so you can become close to someone who lives close to you! 

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry
The ministry meets monthly to pray for your needs. 
Contact Us

Regardless of your place in life, there is a place for you in the Women's Ministry at Faith Assembly of Christ.  For information on current events please call (301) 735-8641  or email - mother@facchurch.com
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